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You already have the talent.

We know that the barrier between you and success is paper thin.

A dose of focus and motivation is all that’s needed to break through.

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Meet Andy Cole

Executive, Engineer, Consultant, Coach

Founder of Mainspring

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside so many talented and powerful leaders. But – for most of them – there existed a barrier: A ceiling that was keeping them from growing in the way they wanted, achieving what they wanted, and leading in a way that makes them proud. Because I have such a strong belief in human potential, I have become utterly obsessed with this phenomenon, and I am committed to helping leaders identify their barriers, break through them, and accomplish great things.

With 15 years of experience as a business executive, renewables engineer, strategy consultant, and leadership coach, I have a deep appreciation for the challenges my clients face; and I pride myself on having the unique ability to gain insight through empathy, build authentic relationships, and communicate in a way that shifts old thought patterns and inspires meaningful action. 


To learn more about my background, my story, and what it’s like to work with me, click the button below.  

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Through 1-on-1 coaching, Ambitious Leaders and Rising Talent experience the following benefits


Sustained Confidence

The Mainspring Process is specifically designed to help high-achievers gain perspective and derive significant energy and conviction from internal insight.


Improved Communication

You'll get access to expertise and resources to resolve immediate issues and develop new skills in Collaboration, Communication, and Conflict

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Better Decision-Making

Given my background in strategy consulting, I'm uniquely suited to provide professional thought partnership on plans, negotiations, and presentations.

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Increased Clarity

Leveraging the Co-Active Coaching Method, we will surface the relevant skills and creativity you already possess and separate the signal from the noise.

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The Mainspring Process works in quarterly iterations to produce measurable growth



Flexible Structure

We will set long term objectives and work deliberately toward them while also addressing emergent issues. We never waste a moment on content that's not relevant.

Tangible & Integrative

We use OKRs to track progress and ensure tangible results. Organizational learning objectives can be easily integrated at various points in the process, if needed.


Looking for something specific? From a sophisticated corporate program to a simple weekly touchpoint, I can tailor the coaching experience to fit your unique needs.  



Set up your confidential consultation by clicking here

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“I've found time and again that Andy's advice, including stories and examples from his experiences, rings around in my head at the most crucial times when faced with important decisions, helping me to make the right decision with greater intention and confidence."

Lilian Mitchell - Sales Executive, Tech

“Andy held the mirror up so I could gain perspective and see myself in a new light, and I was left feeling inspired and poised to take on my professional challenges with new energy.”

Frances Martin - University Head of Research

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“Because of Andy’s work, we now have a firm handle on our growing business, and we have the confidence and motivation to surge ahead.”

Jonathan Timm - Healthcare Executive, Founder

“Andy's focused attention and intuitive use of powerful questions and metaphors have helped shift my mindset and challenged me to take action where I've felt stuck.”

Abby Rovner - Nonprofit Executive, Founder

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“Andy established himself as a true thought partner at Interlochen. We knew we could throw complicated projects at him, and he could be trusted to push our thinking and deliver impressive, thoughtful results every time.”

Maureen Oleson - Customer Experience Executive

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You've been thinking about hiring a coach for some time, and you're finally ready to take the first step. Lucky for you, getting started takes 10 seconds: Use the form here -- or just send me an email at -- and you'll get a free sample session so you feel clear and confident about moving forward. 

Our main office is located at:

1025 W Front Street

Traverse City, MI 49684

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